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We are proud to have been supplying electropolishing and metal finishing solutions for over 60 years and have the experience and expertise to support your chemical needs.

Patents Containing Electro-Glo

We are present in numerous patents and processes for medical devices, implants and instruments, specialist copper plating, and advanced electropolishing techniques. You can be confident in our cutting edge approach to electropolishing formulations.

Expertise of Multiple Metals and Alloys

Electro-Glo Distribution has extensive experience in the field of electropolishing chemistry, offering support for a wide spectrum of metals and metal alloys.

Manufacturing Industries We Support

Medical and Dental

Electropolishing is a one-use treatment that results in biocompatible, safe and ultra clean parts. Medical manufacturers choose us to help reduce drag on sutures, needles and scalpels and trust our process to provide metal surfaces that can resist bacteria growth.

Defense and Aerospace

Electro-Glo’s metal finishing services reduce fatigue on metal parts used in high-stress environments. Improve aerodynamics, and reduce resistance, friction and corrosion with smoother metal surfaces.

Automotive and Consumer Goods

Many consumer appliances are manufactured using 400-series stainless steel alloys. Electropolishing will remove the outermost layer of parts to improve the durability, longevity and hygiene of your products by reducing soil and bacteria retention, and making items easier to clean and withstand stress.


Hygiene is critical when manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Electropolishing can smooth and prevent metals from retaining residues or contaminants hazardous for human contact or consumption.

Food and Beverage

Electropolishing metals that come into contact with food and beverage products is essential to prevent the spread of bacteria and contamination. Electropolishing metals used in food and beverage production prevents trace residues and harmful bacteria being passed on to the consumer. This naturally improves the sanitation of your facility through preventative treatment of your metals.


When manufacturing electronic equipment, the resistivity of your device’s metals is hugely important. Electropolishing improves conductivity and performance of metals used in electronic devices and circuitry by removing imperfections that create resistance on a microscopic level without affecting fragility.

Electropolishing Applications

Vacuum chambers

Increases life, value, and working efficiency of vacuum chambers.

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Welded components

Removes blue discoloration caused by welding and high heat

Hazardous/radioactive material transfer and containment

Reduces contamination and improves decontamination properties

Machined components

Removes ridges and burrs

Mirror and heat reflective surfaces

Satellite telescopes to ThermosTM lining, electropolishing can produce ultra high reflectivity

Medical implants

Electropolishing is the industry standard for implants. Reduces risk of infection and rejection of implanted device


Improves adhesion of electroplated deposits when used as a pre-treatment

Bearings and bearing-less joints

Reduces friction and wear

Structural bearing

Removes surface stress


Useful in the development of ultra-thin metal films


Improves conductivity and corrosion resistance

Metals We Specialize In


Copper and Copper Alloys

Austenitic Stainless Steel

Mild Steel