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Leaders in Electropolishing Solutions Since 1952.

Electro-Glo provide advanced, long life electropolishing products for a variety of common and specialty alloys used around the world. Founded in 1952 in [LOCATION] we support companies across all industries looking to increase corrosion resistance, longevity, and performance of your metals and metal alloys.

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What is Electropolishing?

Electropolishing – sometimes referred to as electrochemical polishing, anodic polishing, electrolytic polishing or reverse plating  effectively removes the surface metal from any metal product. By removing surface metals  you can eliminate microscopic burrs, high spots and other blemishes to provide a smooth, efficient metal that reduces resistances for electric currents and aerodynamics, or provides a finish necessary for precision work or consumer-ready manufacturing.

Our Speciality

We cover all industries but we have a strong reputation in medical and pharmaceutical industries. We are often cited as the electropolishing solution of choice in patents ranging from medical implants and surgical devices, to large tank polishing. Our line of proprietary solutions have been developed and formulated for a variety of metals, giving you the highest finish quality in the shortest amount of polishing time.

Benefits of Electropolishing

  • Improved surface smoothness making cleaning, maintenance, and sterilization easier and more reliable for medical, food and beverage, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment

  • Precision polishing method – can achieve a .0001” rate of removal depending on your requirements.

  • Superior alternative method to passivation for stainless steel polishing

  • Simultaneously removes burrs and polishes

  • Reduces friction and surface drag for improved aerodynamics

  • Improved corrosion resistance by removing elemental iron from the surface of stainless steel alloys

  • Improves the look of your metals without the need of chrome plating.

  • Can improve the reflecting power of your surfaces reflecting common, infra-red and ultra-violet light

  • Provides low resistance surface for welding

  • Makes polishing and general maintenance easier – allows for cleaning of difficult to reach areas of metals and metal alloys.

More Benefits

Common applications for electropolishing

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