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While electropolishing may most noticeably grant a metal a characteristically bright finish, there are many additional long-lasting benefits that are gained by electropolishing.


Electropolishing is an effective way to deburr metal parts, remove debris eliminate any rough or inconsistent surfaces at a microscopic level. If you are looking to finish metals with delicate or intricate parts that do not suit other finishing or tumbling methods, electropolishing is an effective means of smoothing metals with intricate detail across a variety of metals.


Reduced fatigue and operational improvements

For metals that are used in manufacturing, repetitive movements, or for bear loading, electropolishing can reduce fatigue and extend the life of your working metals. A consistent surface, free from contaminants more evenly distributes pressure, making all common and specialty alloys more effective when put to work.



Alongside deburring of physical imperfections your surface metal, electropolishing performs as a cleaning solution by removing rust, oils, scales and foreign debris that may linger after regular cleaning. This is especially important for metal instruments used in sterile environments such as surgical equipment and aerospace manufacturing.


Improved resistivity

With a newly smooth, clean surface, your metals will be more effective at conducting currents due to the removal of foreign contaminants. This leads to a better metal for passing electrical currents making machinery more effective.


Improved manufacturing efficiency

Similarly to the improved resistivity, a metal clear of debris and imperfections makes heating the metal more effective. This increases weldability without affecting surface hardness or introducing stresses to parts.



Improved hardiness and corrosion resistance

By removing imperfections and surface debris on your metals, electropolishing makes surfaces more difficult for moisture and contaminants to adhere to your metal and can lead to corrosion.


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