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Yes, Electro-Glo can support your business worldwide, please make an enquiry to understand specific shipping terms for your country.

Electropolishing can improve a surface finishes by up to 50%. The electropolishing reaction removes debris whilst also improving surface roughness.

Electropolishing improves a surface on the microscopic level. If a raw material has a texture or surface scratch, electropolishing will only result in a lustrous texture or lustrous scratch.

Electropolishing is a surface treatment, not a surface coating.

This means any electropolished surface can be damaged or degraded in the same way as any non-electropolished surface. The benefits of electropolishing do extend beyond the physicality of a metal. The smoother surface improves corrosion resistance, reduces surface friction, and increases resistivity which extends the life and quality of the electropolished material.

Electropolishing is an electrochemical process while mechanical polishing is a mechanical process.

Electropolishing dissolves debris and irregularieis from a metal surface on a microscopic level whereas mechanical polishing alters a surface by shaving away layers of a mateal surface. Electropolishing can improve a surface finish on a microscopic level, mechanical polishing improves a surface finish on a macroscopic level.

Electropolishing removes material while electroplating adds material. Both have similar setups, but they involve opposite reactions.

In electropolishing, the work-piece is charged anodically (thus loses ions) and in electroplating the work-piece is charged cathodically (gains ions).

We can polish parts of all sizes, and supply tanks to fit larger items used in pharmaceutical development and engineering. If your parts are especially large we can provide custom sized tanks to assist with your polishing process.

We facilitate samples on a case-by-case basis. Please send us an inquiry with your specific request to find out more.

We can support any commercial Electropolishing requests and have customers in Medical & Dental, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Consumer Appliances and Engineering industries.

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