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Electropolishing for pharmaceutical applications

The pharmaceutical industry relies on the benefits of electropolishing in both research & development, and the mass production of drugs, vitamins and other consumer products used every day.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates the standards of contamination in pharmaceutical supply chains. This means the need for extremely clean, contaminant-free metals used in the drug manufacturing process is essential. For this reason, electropolishing is the preferred choice of most pharmaceutical industry metal-finishing requirements.

Once a metal has been manufactured, the final buffing process can leave burring on the metal’s surface. In turn, this can lead to product defects and durability issues, as well as create a home for contaminants to gather or remain after a cleaning process.

Electropolishing removes the top layer(s) of a metal, along with any existing contaminants to leave a smooth, durable surface. The resulting surface has increased electrical conductivity and resistance to corrosion and contamination.

Here are some examples of electropolishing for pharmaceutical applications.

Electropolishing pharmaceutical metal products

Our products have had many applications in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Most notably, our Electro-Glo #300 has been used in the development of many patents relating to vascular stents. These pieces are small and implanted into very small, intricate areas within patients. Electro-Glo products have been trusted by the developers and have proved to meet the highest standards of quality. Not only do our chemical solutions allow these small parts to be intricately polished and controlled, they also leave the pieces ultra-clean and sanitized.

Electropolishing in the pharmaceutical supply chain

The pharma supply chain shares similarities to common food manufacturing processes.

Ingredients are mixed using filters, sieves, strainers, vials, mixing bowls, and other vessels before they become the finished product. Each time a pharmaceutical ingredient touches a new metal surface, there is a risk of contamination through the presence of contact-surface materials.

This is especially true for ingredients that are measured to precision for dosages – powder ingredients can adhere to surfaces and gather, which may impact a drug’s contents and cause risk to the consumer.

Electropolishing each metal part in a pharmaceutical product is essential, as it significantly reduces the collection of residues and other contaminants in the pharmaceutical supply chain.

Electropolishing can prevent the build-up of unwanted chemicals and leftover compounds from previous metal applications, which can save time both during quality assurance of the final product and also during manufacturing. Lower adhesion makes metals more durable and easier to clean.


If you are interested in trying out one of Electro-Glo’s patented chemical solutions for your medical and dental tools, please request a quote or, a safety data sheet, or a technical data sheet today.

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