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Medical and Dental Industry – Electropolishing Applications

Metals used for medical and dental applications require precision accuracy, unquestionable hygiene, and durability. Electropolishing is the superior metal finishing process for the medical and dental products used for routine medical procedures.

Here are some examples of electropolishing for medical and dental products.

Electropolishing Surgical Tools

Electropolishing is a common process for finishing surgical tools. The deburring benefits of electropolishing help remove microscopic blemishes in metals, thereby reducing friction and improving both durability and hygiene. This process prevents metals from collecting residues that cause corrosion or contamination, even after washing.

For manufacturers of surgical staplers, syringes, scalpels, or surgical saws, an electropolished finish will give you confidence in your product’s quality and longevity.

This is especially important for metals which are cut and shaped using lasers, which may leave metal filings and other burrs, or metals required to make incisions as frictionless as possible. Without electropolishing medical metals, the finish of your products may be impacted.

Electropolishing Implantable Objects

Medical procedures can sometimes require a surgical implant to facilitate corrective or cosmetic functions within the body. For any implantable metals used within a surgery, we recommend an electropolished finish. This functions to remove the porous outer layers of metals, which tend to be susceptible to bacterial contaminants and corrosion.


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